Monday, December 28, 2009

Moving from Intention to Action...

My recent trip to Vienna in November gave me the opportunity to get inspired by a couple of very close friends. Their achievements and the way they have been shaping their dreams in the making were a slap in my laziness. Not only they hosted me and listened, but also invited me to be part of Solution, a conference with the theme that gave birth to this post, "moving from intention to action!".

I, very honored, accepted their invitation to be part of the conference team.

When I got back in Lisbon I couldn't help it but keep on thinking again and again in them, knowing that there was an underlying message between the lines... I was cracking my head trying to find it, but it was impossible... So I decided to give it a time and let it emerge.

And then, in front of me, appeared. "Moving from intention to action" I read in the mail I received, and I knew that it was talking to me, to ME!

It is time. I needed to start NOW!
How it is possible that I kept on finding excuses not to?
What was that that I was fearing/avoiding?
What is that that I want to start?
How alive is still my dream of the soul spa?

And questions kept on coming...

Today I can proudly say that Beautiful Individuals has come to life.

Check it out!

Or check the fan page in facebook and become a fan!

I know now what my role in Solution can be.

I have definitely moved from Intention to Action.

It will be awesome to see some of you in Vienna next year, apply!

Love tons,


PS: Thanks Hinnerk and Alexis, I truly love you.

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