Friday, January 11, 2008

Dancing with Beauty

I will never forget my friend David speech at the AIESEC International Congress 2006 in Poland...

I remember his story every time I get into an insight mood. That happened yesterday to me.

In my way home, after posting the video of Isabel Allende in my blog, I stayed focused on my life and the passion with which I am living it, that immediately transported me to the words of David.

David said he took his two daughters to a Butterfly Museum.

Once in the museum one of the girls asked the guide:

How long a butterfly lives?

10 days - answered the guide.

What can a butterfly do in 10 days of life? - asked the other little girl.

In 10 days they make the world a more beautiful place! - answered the first one.

Just in 10 days!

I wonder if in 33 years of existence I have done as much as one butterfly in 10 days.

A landscape with one single butterfly can duplicate its beauty.

Have I duplicate the beauty of any place I have been? Had my actions influenced the beauty of the lands I have lived in? Of the people I have shared with?

I am definitely striving to live a life that leaves beauty around. It is not an easy task.

It is true that there are many moments in my life when I feel that rich breathe of beauty invading me and I perceive how it gets transmitted to those around me. That makes me happy.

I am also aware of my darkness, of my shadows...

As big my beauty, as big my shadow...

My dark places melt with the beautiful ones and make me complete. I know that, and still it is so hard to accept it from within, more than with the logical reasoning that has given an open space for that thought in my life.

In the New Year, as every year, I made my self-analysis, my votes for the incoming year and the revision of my values.

For the first time since I have taken the values questionnaire, freedom is not the first value on my list. The first value on my list right now is family - which never was even in the top ten list.

I have moved on. I am in a new territory.

It is not just about my family (sister, brother, parents...) it is about my incoming family.

I want home. I want a door that I see every day from inside when going to work, and from outside when I return for the comfort of a shared life.

I want the breakfast together, the snoring, the sharing to toilet.

I do not need it.

I want it.

And that makes a heck of a difference.

Making the world beautiful is not just about the things that we perceive as big (global changes and contribution) that anyway my new job is giving me the opportunity to bring along; but it is also and most importantly about the things that we perceive as small: home, love, couple, future...

Togetherness is taking place in my mind and in my heart; and I want to dance with the beauty of it.

It is time.


Enjoy this video, it is awesome.
Imagine we are all a community of butterflies, what kind of world will we be living in right now

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