Thursday, January 10, 2008

My favorite novels' writter speaking at TED

From TED Talks:

"In one of the most beloved talks from TED2007, novelist Isabel Allende talks about writing, women, passion, feminism. She tells the stories of powerful women she has known, some larger-than-life (listen for a beauty tip from Sophia Loren), and some simply living with grace, dignity and ingenuity in a world that, in too many ways, still treats women unjustly.

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Dan said...

Very good talk. That's a frightening statistic that only 1% of the world's assets are owned by women.

I have never lived in a country where this level of inequality exists, but I hope and I feel that attitudes are changing. Certainly we need to be constantly reminded of these kinds of injustices and we need strong people to take action.

TED is really great. So many really inspirational and excellent speakers who are challenging us.

Another interesting post about equality of women from an AIESECer in Qatar -

DEY said...

Unfortunately Dan, I have witnessed in Arab and African countries that things in many places are not changing necessarily because the rest of the world is moving on...

It is so easy for all of us to give something for granted. It is the same with gay rights, and even with just acceptance and respect.

The world is very distant to be the place we believe it is. That gives me the strength to continue. I am still needed!

Cheers and thanks for reading me.