Tuesday, October 16, 2007

About life and death...

Today is a strange day...

During my two years in Macedonia I experienced a new manifestation of life. I rediscover meaning and purpose. I made life-long friends. Those two years are embedded in who I am like a tattoo.

Tose Proeski is one of the most famous and amazing singers of Macedonia. Today he died. I have spent the whole day listening to his songs and reconnecting with my experiences there. In a way he was part of each one of those experiences. His music, his songs - even if I still cannot understand many of the lyrics - marked moments; his music gave completeness to the movie of my time there.

Today he is not here anymore, but his music is.

One of my best friends in Macedonia wrote me a mail, he knew how important Tose was for me... Another friend invited me to a facebook group created to honor Tose's achievements... Thanks all of you.

I feel I need to share with you his work. This is my simple and small tribute to the artist he was and at the same time this is the way to show him my gratitude for putting music into the film of my life while living in that amazing spot of the world.

Here you have one of his performances, simple extraordinary...

Why is this posting about life and death?

Life was the song that he sang when he participated in Eurovision 2004, I still remember we were at an AIESEC Conference and we made the whole set up for the delegates to see the contest. Here you have the lyrics and the video...

I saw my ID it wasn't me
It was someone else's identity
Why do I need to prove my self
And who is the judge of my sanity.

Roaming through my old emotions
I find new feelings of misery
I bet with my soul to get back to truth
Where I would face reality.

Life is a book and you gotta read it
Life is a story and you gotta tell it
Life is a song and you gotta sing it
You've got to know how to live it!

Walking around with some thoughts on my mind
I search for a place where I'll be free
From all that I said and all that that's been done
It will be hard to find it inside of me.

Life is a book and you gotta read it
Life is a story and you gotta tell it
Life is a song and you gotta sing it
You've got to know how to live it

I know that I've gotta try
No one can see me cry
I can't take it anymore
I must find a way to let my self go.

(Life is a, life is, life is...)
Oh, it's true, you know it don't you

Life is a book and you gotta read it
Life is a story and you gotta tell it
Life is a song and you gotta sing it
You've got to know how to live it

It is about death because he is not anymore with us, even if his music will allow him to live in my memories, throughout my life...

It is about life because after my term and President of AIESEC International I have been struggling to put myself together; to collect all the parts of me that are not the AIESECer and discover what is next for me in life...

Then I decided to move to Barcelona, I decided not to accept any job offer that was made to me, I decided to take some time off and evaluate who I am, what I have become. In this order of ideas I arrived to Barcelona with one suitcase and a lot of hope.

Finding the job I wanted was not an easy thing to do. In the meanwhile, my savings were decreasing and my need to find something to do started to grow. The search intensified and I started to get some calls; however, nothing seemed to trigger my sense of purpose. If I had wait so long, why shouldn't I wait a little bit more?

Out of nothing, just by casualty and without looking for it, the perfect option just appeared in front of my eyes. Life is wise and takes you to strange roads when you dip on her and just let yourself go; trusting her, like a living being...

Life is taking me to work in Lisbon, I will start my job there by middle November. Life is taking me to my roots, to the land of my father, where I come from in a way.

The job is on Social Tourism, I will be Project Manager of a global start up that arises as a promising evolution of what tourism can be. I cannot wait any longer to start putting myself into the concept and my get my hands dirty.

For the ones that know me, you should remember my long-term vision and my soul spa. This is definitely the high way that will take me there. It is definitely good to know what you really want and focus on that dream so strongly that nothing else matters. In the meanwhile I will be working as well in my concept of Gay People Great People, but more as a parallel personal project. Two things that come together in one of the most beautiful and undiscovered places on earth, Portugal.

So I will be living in Lisbon, this is life to me in the near future... Lisbon is the place where I will go back to truth and face reality as Tose said.

Lisbon is known as the white city, thanks to its unique luminosity. The light, the atmosphere and the climate offer marvelous walks all over the city. It has a beauty that extends beyond the monuments, that can be experienced in the streets, that is embraced with all the senses.

Tourism Association of Lisbon

Life is playing with me one more time and I am happy about it.

I know life is wise and I trust her.

One more circle has been closed, the circle of uncertainty.

I know what the near future holds for me and here I go, with a tear in my face and a smile in my soul.

For Tose's music and for my new life in Lisbon.

Enjoy some pics of Lisbon...

Find more about Tose at www.toseproeski.info
Find more about Lisbon at www.visitlisboa.com

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Laura miau said...

Hey my dearest green friend, great to hear about your next steps! I'm happy for you and wish you all the best.
Greeting from Brazil!

Your green blog is very cute!
Laura miau

Goce said...

Do u remember this one:

Nemas ni blagodaram,
Zasto se trudev da te svatam, da te ljubam,da te vratam.

Nemas ni blagodaram,
Zasto e kraj, kraj na cinot, pepel samo vo kaminot.

Nemas ni blagodaram,
Si odis ti a nadvor lie, oko tazno solza krie,

Nemas ni blagodaram....

Nobody like him, not in this life.