Thursday, October 18, 2007

Closer to Myself

This is something I wrote during my short visit to Venezuela, in an amazing place called Choroni... I rediscovered this today while cleaning up my room and decided to share it...

I do believe in signs, this is a sign.

Choroni is a popular beach located in Puerto Colombia, Venezuela. It is about one hour and a half from the city of Maracay, on the seaside of the Henri Pittier National Park. It is definitely one of my favorite places in Venezuela, many important things in my life have happened there...

Hope you all will be able to visit it one day.

Here is what I wrote:

Another big circle in my life has been closed.

It is time to put myself together again,
the angel and the demon,
all the parts that make me complete,
my lights and my shadows,
all the parts that I have been leaving behind.

I need to start all over again,
from a superior level,
from a more elevated way of taking a look at things,
from a more elevated way of living life.

Green paths are in front of me,
blue sea waters call me to explore the world more and more.

I surrender to the tenderness of life.

I trust my destiny,
I have decided to listen to the words of my heart,
I have decided to listen to the wisdom of my intuition,
I have decided to feel the touch of happiness on my skin.

I have always made it on my own.
Now I cannot fight the feeling,
now I cannot resist falling in love.

The mystery of the next destinations keeps me awake.
The beauty of the route keeps me alive.

I have discovered that I exist in multiple levels.
I cannot lie to myself that it has been always like this.

I am in love with life,
that is making me closer to myself.

Enjoy some pics of Choroni...

You can find more info in English about Choroni at
You can find more info in Spanish about Choroni at
In Spanish, English and German at

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