Friday, October 24, 2008

The Dark Night - A Farewell Love Poem

I just found this poem in a small paper when going through my things...
It was given to me by a very special person that just some days ago came back to my life to support me in >> my new adventure... <<

Life is wise...
Give you signs...
I am listening!

The dark night is getting light,
and in this room,
a light so bright...

Wine and juice a few minutes ago;
a paper and a ugly ink left untold...

Could this be or could this not...?
What was that that I got?

I do not know,
I do not care,
it's the tears
I cannot bare!

From this heart,
oh so pure,
accept this song
to endure.

In the happy days that will come,
I leave you with my love undone.

The dark night is getting lighter,
and in this room,
a light so darker...

I love you,

Good bye!

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