Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who's Painting The Picture Of Your Life???!!!

I am in a stage of my life in which I have decided to take the colors of my rainbow and paint my life, and the world around me, using only the green of hope, life and renaissance.

I have decided to take another bold step and speak out loud.

And I am making of my life a different painting, an original one, a unique one...
And I am GREENly Happy about it.

As usual, the Madness Of My Mind of Stuart Knight arrived at the right time to reinforce my feelings, as a sign of life telling me: "I am backing you up..."



If I gave you a white canvass, a paint brush and a palette
containing the primary colours, what kind of picture you would

I'll bet that everyone would paint something different.

Some of you would splash vibrant colours across the canvass, while
others would create pastel images invoking a feeling of serenity.

And if I had the fortune to be able to observe your finished
paintings, I would see pictures of outer space, cities, open
fields, vast oceans, families sitting around a table, children
playing in a park, animals climbing trees, older couples walking
hand in hand, snow capped mountains and much more.

I could literally give thousands upon thousands of people the exact
same supplies to paint with and yet each picture would be

So then why are so many of us painting the same picture in our lives? 

We were all given a heart and we were all given a brain.
We were given lungs to breathe with, lips to talk with and hands to grab with. 
We were given the same supplies, but so many of us are painting similar pictures. 

Does everyone believe work should start at 9am? 
Does everyone believe that happiness comes with a sensible retirement plan? 
Does everyone believe that we only have one match when it comes to love? 
With all of the colours we've been given,
why are we painting pictures that look the same?

What if we turned around and told that person behind us who is trying to guide our hand that we can handle it from here? 
What would your picture look like then? 
I'll bet everyone would love it. 
Especially you!

Much love,


I am definitely loving my painting!
Here I leave you a video I found of a sports team, but the energy and the lyrics are the real reasons for the video to be here, enjoy!


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