Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Questions Of My Friend...

My friend Ali wrote a post on >> his blog << that took my breathe away and I decided to ask for his permission to post it here...
Obviously he said yes!

Take a deep breathe before start reading, and read with clean mind and without thinking too much, you can read it several times after the first one, but let yourself flow with the questions the first time you read it...

Here you have...


I am a freak of nature,
and I hope you'll realize that so are you...
because if you don't,
you're missing one of the most amazing things in life...

Who are you?
Which are you?

The child?
The friend?
The one who wants to study that language?

The one who walks funny?
The one who talks more than you need?
The forgiving one?

The one who just got the best day ever?
An artist?
The employee in that place?

Are you the one who wants to go to that country?
The shy one?
The one who's still struggling to move on?
An environmentalist?
The one who hates when someone is not on time?

Are you the one who drinks a glass of water every morning?
The one who can never trust anyone?
The one who'd rather shut your mouth?
A loner?

The one who always try to look busy?
The one who went to that beautiful place?
The grand child?

Are you the one always keep a pen in your pocket?
The one who finally realized that you're wrong?
The one who can raise one eyebrow?
The one who cried?

Are you the one defends yourself even when you know you're wrong?
The one who likes to sit in a park?
The one who just doesn't care about politics?
The one who's thinking to buy it or not?

Are you also the one who wants other people to be happy?
The one who's crazy about looks?
The one who never know when to stop?
The one who's always unsure?
A good listener?

The one who doesn't drink until you finished eating?
The father or mother?
The one who wants to go home?
The one who thinks why are these things happening to those people?
The one who doesn't realize that you are rude?

Are you the one who loves your job?
The one who's got hurt by someone?
The one who likes to show off?
The one who slept late last night?
A loving person?

Are you the one who's still thinking which one to take?
The one who sings along with the music you're listening?
A religious person?
A musician?
The one who's still afraid to start?
A trusted person?

Are you the one who cares about other people?
The one who's not confident enough about what you're capable of?
The one who's in anger?
The one who fights for what you beliefs?
The one who regret what you said before?
An optimist?

The one who complains a lot?
A fair person?
The one who doesn't like formality?
The one who believes things will get better?
The one who's afraid to ask because you don't want to look like you don't understand?
A loyal person?
A funny person?
A liar?
The one in love?

Are you the one who finds it difficult not to judge someone?
The one who loves children?
The one who hates your job?
A committed person?
The one who feels insecure?
The one who will keep on fighting and will not give up?
The one who didn't see it coming at all?
The one who decided not to do it anymore?
The one who would sacrifice for others?
The one in desperate need for a change?
The one who can write for one minute without looking at the keyboard at all?
A racist?

Are you the one who doesn't think you deserve something like that?
Are you the one who's still afraid to admit it?
A grateful person?
The one who crossed one leg when you sit?
An idealist?
The one who got your second chance?

Which one is it should say when I'm asked to describe you?
Any of them incorrect?
Am I missing anything?

I saw my own shadows as I walked today,
One on my left, one on my right,
I wonder if they had anything to say about me...

And if they have the option, 
would they still choose to stay with me?

what are you thinking right now?
What are you going to do?
Who will you be? 
Will you be you?
And if you do, who are you?


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