Monday, November 5, 2007

My life as Alumni - contribution first steps...

During October I had the chance to attend the info sessions of AIESEC during the recruitment at LC Bellaterra and LC Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona - Spain.

It was an awesome experience to be there talking about what the AIESEC experience has meant to me and my life.

Once again I was bringing images of years of experiences in AIESEC to transform them into words and emotions and to put them there, out, expecting some of those young guys will give him/herself the chance to live such incredible moments as I did.

Now that I have finished my period of reflection and analysis it results quite simple to express how the past, the present and the future are linked together in my life.

It is also simple to identify the role that AIESEC has played on my story.

It is funny to see that Spanish people laughs and enjoy different messages and words that what I expected as Latino.

I thought our differences were simple and few, but definitely I had a wrong perception. They have their own particular way to see the world and I, once again, felt challenged. Awesome!

I want to thank Ali and Cris for inviting me and make me part!

I am now in Switzerland, I will be Chairing DO IT 07.

It will be my first AIESEC conference as alumni.

I do host many uncertainties about what my feelings will be and how I will accommodate them to serve the best the Swiss MC and the delegates.

I do believe my moments at the info sessions already gave me a first perspective of what it feels alumni involvement, however the big test it is about to start in few days.

As I arrived, I have had tons of conversations with Ivo, the MCP. Conversations that went from AIESEC talks (blah, blah, blah...) to deep insights into life and cultures.

I am truly amazed by this beautiful individual and his capacity to melt into the new culture to assimilate it and then be able to understand what is happening around him. I do definitely believe this will be an awesome year for AIESEC in Switzerland with such leader.

I am then looking forward first to the pre-meeting (there are some remarkable individuals in the team of facis that I want to have some chats with) and secondly to the conference...

I love AIESEC conferences!


In Switzerland I am also going to see Petroula and Amit, long time not seeing, Ha! and Carlos, one of my friends from Venezuela...

Carlos story is a funny one, I will write it here later on after I meet him and I have some new things to add to the tale of how we meet and how he became an AIESECer...

Well I think that's it. I need to go and rest, tomorrow will start the race with a pretty cool meeting with the Swiss MC.


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siz said...
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siz said...


Well, for one I can't believe you have just read my blog, because I sent you the link right after I upload the posting. However, I do realise that you were PAIe back then and were extremely busy.

For two, it's great to hear from you!!! I'll add you on FB if that's OK.

Cheers and beers,

A lift Apart said...

As always... you got an interesting home here...
Keep on rolling man..

(ITC poland, the guy who was touring Krakow with you):)

Yavor said...

Thank you for the challenge and everything that you did and said. Guess that I needed just that. Hope to meet you again sometimes.