Monday, November 26, 2007


There are two amazing things that happened to me last week...

The first one:

Since I got this job I have been saying that is like a gift! You should know I do believe in signs, how is this for a sign: When I was given with the password to check our hosting services and I found out that they register the domain for the website and the system on the 11th of May (my birthday!)

The second one:

Throwing away old papers from my bag I found a paper I used to write some words when leaving Turkey at the border with Bulgaria in my way to Macedonia... Here is what I wrote:

At the border; reading about myself in pages of the past.

Rediscovering who I was, who I am.

Realizing I've changed - a lot - for a while.

Searching for words to express what my light thoughts are.

Thinking of heavy luggage; thinking of closing circles, of going in the quest for an unfinished one, an important one.

To say thanks, to move on.

Deep inside, I know there is a better me that already exists.

The curves of my life's road have carved new features and have also polished others.

I am a traveler, and in the way I keep on shaping myself.

There is no picture of the final me.

There is the intention of letting the complete power of every moment posses me, dig deep on me, and transform me constantly in a dance of joy with life, with the universe.

I am happy.

So, I am in the right track! Signs are everywhere, and I believe on them.

Just for you to see my new working space, here you have some pics of my office... This is my new environment, really cool, creative and full of awesome and beautiful individuals :)



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