Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A post to read you!

This post is not for you to read any of my stories...

This post is for me to read your answers in the comments part of my blog :)

What three things you will do if you are asked to spice up your life?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers and have a spicy life!


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Marija said...

1. Make a list of given fields and areas (science, art, health, mechanics etc.) and specify things I always wanted to learn about (why/how/who...), but haven't got to do it by now;
Dedicate one week to the "research" of one "bullet" from the list;
And commit myself to present/discuss the most interesting points with my friends/family.

2. If anything from the first point really catches my fancy, commit myself to deeply explore it (eg. enroll a course, a workshop etc.)

3. Make a list of themes, and agree with a friend (friends) that every second Saturday in the month we'll throw/organize one of those thematic parties and invite everyone we know ;) Goal: in 3 months we get to make everyone take it seriously and conform to the expectations of the theme of the party!

This is what I will do :)
Although I don't understand the part of the question that says "if you were required to"...


sarita said...

1. learn to play the guitar
2. tell the guy I have a crush on that I like him ;-)
3. walk more instead of taking the metro/bus/taxi

it's difficult because my life already is exciting :-)
Hope you're doing well in Portugal, hugs from Madrid!

Piero said...

mmm... only 3 things??? :)

play in music concerts definitively...
go for firecamps outside the city, in the beautiful valleys of the Peruvian Andes...
go dirty dancing... without alcohol hehe