Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The true story of a gay guy...

This can be for sure the true story of many gay guys out there...

There are parts that definitely match some of my sad - and however powerful - experiences.

These stories are part of what has been making us strong enough to keep on moving and succeding in a world full of hate against us.
These stories are also part of what has made us cry and suffer, most of the time alone huging our pillow at night.

I saw this video and got so touched and identified that couldn't help but post it here.

Part of my story is there. Part of the story of many of my friends.

I love you guys... Keep on fighting!
We are beautiful!
and we also are GREAT PEOPLE!

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jaltok said...

I remember seeing that video a year or two ago, but still very powerful. Thanks for sharing!

DEY said...

My pleasure Duncan...

Will keep on posting the best I find...