Monday, January 5, 2009

They Can't Light You Off...

This is a song from my teen days that a good friend sent me today.

I used to sang this at school.
I have lived under this premise.
I am glad life is so wise...

En los ojos de tus hijos,
In the eyes of your children,

han llorado los amigos
friends have cried

Como el rio hacia el mar y hoy el rio esta crecido
Like the river flowing to the sea, and today the river is flooded

Les dolia la verdad,
Truth use to hurt them,

y cerraron tu camino
and they closed your way

Jugadores de alla donde sortean los destinos
Players from "there" where destinies are sorted out

Pero cada mañana amanece
But every morning it dawns

el mundo sigue girando
the world keeps spinning

Todas las flores florecen, tarde o temprano
All flowers blossom, sooner or later

Eres luz y sigues brillando, no te pueden apagar
You're light and you leep shining, they can't light you off

Eres fuego y sigues ardiendo, no te pueden apagar
You're fire and you keep on burning, they can't light you off

No se tapa el sol con un dedo, no te pueden apagar
The sun can't be hidden with a finger, they can't light you off

Por mas que traten
It doesn't matter how much they try

No te pueden apagar
they can't light you off

Como el viento que no vemos
Like the wind that we can't see

Como piedras en el rio, no te pueden callar
Like stones in the river, they can't shut you up

Tus palabras no se han ido
Your words are not gone

Y no pueden apagar, tanto fuego que encendiste
and they can't turn off so much fire that you have lighted up

Brillaras mas alla, no hay razon para estar triste
You will shine beyond, 
there is no reason to be sad!

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