Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hugs from the Distance

The smell of his body getting trapped in my nose, like a perfume of youth that takes away all my deceptions, my lost battles and my bitter perceptions.

The petition of closeness that arrived without explanations and without any longer reasons, 
moved my body, 
my soul and my thoughts, 
and made me run at his encounter.

The untold things that vibrate in the air when we are together, 
and resonate in our darkest desires and lightest feelings, 
bringing us closer when we start to be miles apart.

The hugs from the distance, 
that come and go in the messages we exchange, 
keep our skins together and I am not sure if I am here or I am there.

The lack of expectations, 
that allows me to stay put in the present and feel, 
with the immensity of my heart and the intensity of my need, 
that I am made of flesh.

The barriers that have been abolished, 
the paradigms that have been smashed and the obstacles that have been vanished, 
have transformed that distance in a field of flowers in the middle of this spring.

The songs that we’ve shared, 
the words that we’ve written and wishes we have let fly in the air gifted me with the key to a room not often visited in the inner parts of my Self, 
a room where I have sit to take a coffee, admire the panorama and wait for him to knock on the door.

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Dorin said...

...and some belated happy birthday wishes from my side :)

Sending all my best thoughts towards you. May you find true love, have a wonderful life and be surrounded by friends wherever you'll be!

Warm regards,

DEY said...

Thank millions Dorin!
Love tons,


Ioana said...

amazing... and so true... by the way, thanks from the distane hug of yesterday... :)

DEY said...

Always there for hugging wonderful people :)
Love tons!