Thursday, May 21, 2009

Self Portrait in Greens

Long time since I didn't take some markers and let them flow freely while I think...

Part of my new responsibilities at work at connected with thinking. Processes of innovation and re-creation. Disruptive and peaceful at the same time.

Today I decided to dedicate one hour to that thinking processes, saw some markers on the table, grabbed a sheet and...

When I came back from my unconscious divagations, there I was, a picture of me. As I feel within, I guess.

Need to take some time to grasp the questions that arise from the PAINt.

It is lunch break now...

I am going to see the sea.

Love tons,


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Brahms said...

go and paint!

i dont know what 2 say,wish u happiness in all ur search, wish u keep searching or wish u success, but maybe what i wanna say is that i love u man and im there for u:)

Antonio Jovanovski said...

Beautiful! Amazing talent you have, Dey.. Keep it GREEN! ;)