Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Room for Rent available in Lisbon NOW!!!

Hi there! 

I have one great room for rent in Alcantara, check out the location… 

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There are several bus stops all around the flat to go almost everywhere directly. It is a very convenient place to live.
The room is big, couple bed, also small desk and chair, closet and three drawers storage.

There is wireless Internet, cable TV and all bills are included, so you just pay the rent and that’s it! There is a spare laptop also to be used only by you at home if you don’t have a PC.

This is a three rooms apartment with one toilet and fully equipped kitchen. Living room with a 116 cm plasma TV COOL eh?!

I am originally Venezuelan but have Portuguese nationality, have been living abroad for the past 7 years, so I am quite eager to keep the international environment around me. Currently one of my flat-mates has just got a job in Porto, so I am in the process of looking forward to meet new cool people!

I am a good cook and I am used to cook for all people in the flat at least three times a week, if you are looking forward to learn some cooking skills, this is definitely a cool place to move in.

I’m gay, so I will love to live with very open-minded people, if you do not feel comfortable with that, please avoid contacting me.

The place is pretty cool; see some pictures of the room and the flat here.

I have a dog a home (Jocca), he is cute and will not disturb you, but if you don’t like animals then this is not the place for you...

The rooms will be available from 18th May, so if you are interested, please drop me a message.

The rent is 300 Euros.


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