Thursday, December 13, 2007


Call me ignorant, but I have never heard about Cole Porter before. Neither I remember hearing his songs. Everyday I realize how big the world is even if we continue saying the world is small and it is becoming smaller. It is maybe because of that I got to finally hear about Cole Porter, listen to his music and watch the movie of his life.

I just saw the movie "De-Lovely" and I have been shocked by the quality of it. I am not a big fan of musicals, even if I loved screen versions of "Moulin Rouge" and "Cabaret"; both of them in the list of my favorite movies.

One thing is for sure, I have seen a lot of movies, but still the number one in my list is Amelie.

I haven't found so much magic, innocence and belief at the same time with such rich photography and colors usage.

The story, it really touches me, even if it is very surreal and childish in a way, it is maybe that what captivates me from Amelie.

Amelie captures so many basic humans feelings and hopes in the movie, and describes them in such a tender manner that is hard not to fall in love with the characters (not just the character of Amelie) and with the script.

And what to say about my favorite sound track ever. How dislikes this amazing music? It is just irresistible!

Definitely Amelie has become an icon for many people; I will say that out there there is an Amelie generation. People who still believes in magic, with a different way of taking a look at good and bad. With the strong belief in signs and love.

Thanks Jean-Pierre Jeunet for Amelie!

Enjoy the trailer, and if you haven't seen Amelie yet, it is a good movie to watch with your loved one at your side in this close holidays.

De-Lovely is completely different, but in a weird way I found them similar. Maybe the way in which both of this movies connect with me and my life is what makes them similar to my eyes.

I am not pretending to be a cinema critic or anything like that, I just wanted to share what has been spinning in my head since I saw this movie two days ago.

I loved the music, I wanted to sing the songs, I cried twice, I discover a lot about myself watching the movie.

I want to make clear that is not just about Cole Porter's life, it is the way in which the movie was done and the story was told what made me fall, how powerful the way in which we tell a story can be! It is also about the great people in the movie; performances by Alanis Morisette, Robbie Williams, Sheryl Crow, Natalie Cole, and more. Listen to their performances online here.

I definitely recommend you to watch the movie. It is a MUST!

Check the official website of the movie.

Here you have Alanis Morrisette performance at the movie...

Let me know what you think of the movie after you watch it.

I am glad I am having these opportunities and friends with whom to explore these new movie adventures. I am glad live is giving me chances to discover new ways of having fun...


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Ira said...

Here is a book Ensemble, c'est tout by Anna Gavalda that you might like in case Amelie is among your best loved movies. I know they have made a movie with an English title Hunting and Gathering (not really a proper one :)).
My best wishes for the coming holidays!

DEY said...

Hey Ira, thanks for the lead. I will find it and will let you know after I read it.



Filipe said...

if you like Amelie that much, you should watch "Pushing Daisies". It's an american TV show, broadcasted by ABC.

I'm sure you'll love it too =]

DEY said...

Thanks Filipe, I am watching some screens shots right now online :)

siz said...

Hey Dey,

Have you seen "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" or "Little Miss Sunshine"?

(now I wonder why two of my favourite movies contain the word "sunshine"...)