Wednesday, December 5, 2007

'REAL' Christmas has arrived! Finally...

The last four years Christmas has been kind of weird for me.

In Macedonia they have a different way of celebration since Christmas is in January as per the Orthodox Catholic Religion. And it is not a big deal of presents, decorations and celebrations.

During my first year in AI, I spend my Christmas in Morocco doing country visits. They do not really celebrate Christmas, after all is a Muslim country. So I missed it again.

Last year I was in Rotterdam but feeling homie and staying in my room with Martis, but we really didn't have any special big thing. I tried my best by preparing a Christmas dinner for everybody in AI and at least that was awesome. But the overall feeling was still missing.

This year in Portugal things are going to be different.

I can feel Christmas already at the streets, the malls, shopping centers and of course in the office.

For one hour and so, everybody stopped working and dedicated time to build together the Christmas tree, plan the dinner and give away the little papers for the Secret Santa.

It was awesome!

And it was a lot of fun. We even put some of the company customer samples on the three :) I assume that in a way is about hoping for a better new year with more accounts and customers...

I was not aware of how much I link Christmas with home. I thought I had 'overcame' Christmas, ha! not true...

Here I am, happy! Knowing that this year I will definitely have 'real' Christmas...

In the meanwhile I am listening to the most fluffy/cheesy song ever: "All I want for Christmas is YOU!"

Hoping that love will knock at my door before the end of the year, who knows.

Here you can see some of my colleagues from work, all together working on the not really stylish but highly lovely Christmas Tree...

Take a look at last year's lightening of the Lisbon Christmas Tree...


I remember last year's Rotterdam's Christmas Tree lightening in front of the city hall, they had the major of Oslo as guest since the tree came from Oslo, but it was such a poor show, or better to say, no show at all... I remember being there with my team-mates from AI...

Now I cannot wait for the lightening of the Christmas Tree in Lisbon this year, it promises to be better than last year, WOW!


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Gus said...


Pana una verdadera sorpresa saber de ti. Ojala y alguno de tus viajes te traiga por Miami. There is a lot to catch up :D

Take care friend, send me an email if you want.
Gus (

Aine said...

jejeje...echas de menos de las gaitas venezolanas!! :P