Friday, December 21, 2007

My first time out with the other AIESEC Interns

Well, last weekend we had IRW (International Reception Weekend) in parallel with the National Conference of AIESEC in Portugal.

The place:

This city is full of history and legend, with that mythic veil all over it... But I am not posting about the city, but about my time with the interns. Post about the city will come later - promise.

I total we were eleven people. Diversity was on the table (Brazil, Slovakia, India, Lithuania, China, Peru and of course Venezuela)

Being there as a delegate of the Reception Weekend and not as part of the conference was great. Interns really tend to care for each other; of course there is a fight for leadership sometimes, but there is also a tacit agreement that lays out a common ground for behavior:

We are all here to learn,

to challenge our limits,

that is why everything can happen!
We took a Brazilian's outgoing interns tradition and added our own spice to it and created a new tradition for incoming interns in Portugal.

Of course it involves alcohol,

of course is funny
of course is silly,

all of that comes in the same package with these AIESEC traditions, isn't?

Some of us will see each other again for Christmas, I am very much looking to it.
These people are great!

I am happy to be an AIESEC intern, doing the job that I love and having the freedom not to attend morning plenaries.

Life is pleasant!


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