Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy, every morning...

Since I started my new job in Lisbon, I have to travel one hour average from home to the office.

At the beginning it was not pleasant to discover i will be spending two hours every day to get from home to work and vice versa, but step by step I have learned to appreciate the trip, enjoy it and make it useful.

I take the metro in the green line (Anjos), change to the blue line (in Baixa-Chiado), get to Marques de Pombal and there take the bus 48 that will take me close to my job crossing the Monsanto Park.

Finally I walk for around 15 minutes and I am in the office.

I have been reading a lot during the trips every day. I have been meeting my goal of four books a month, which is very cool, but started to become very expensive as well, so now I am borrowing books from friends after I realized I am not good at re-reading books... Whatever I read, I most probably will not be able to read again, hard to know why, I just get very bored.

Within the middle of this Odyssey, there is a moment that captures me profoundly.

As in many other countries, in Portugal we have free newspapers, which are actually a summary version of the real newspaper, with short parts of the main stories.

This free newspapers are delivered by people at the exits of the metro stations and on the streets by the traffic lights, as you can see on the picture.

What really strikes me every morning are two people I have got to observe a lot.

At the main exit of the Marques de Pombal station there is a lady between her 60s and 70s.

She is there every morning; happy, with a wide wide smile, delivering the newspapers. It is a tough job, not everyone wants the newspaper, some people are arrogant or even aggressive.

Despite everything she is there, still, calm, happy... with her wide smile, fulfilling her job... enjoying what she does.

There is another guy, around his middle 20s.

He does give away the newspapers in the street, to the people in the cars that pass by. He is also so happy, and so full of energy, always singing and smiling and running... I do not know what his dreams are, I do not know what his plans for life are... The only thing I can think about when I see him is how easily he surrender to the power of enjoying what he does... and how he can transmit that around.

People do not know the names of my two friends (I have decided they are my friends), me neither. But we all say hi to them every morning, we will miss them if one day one of them will not be there.

We will miss not only their faces, but the encouragement they give us with their attitude.

Today, I enjoy what I am doing, I truly love my work, that is the reason I moved to Lisbon, if not I will still be in Barcelona. Step by step I am getting to love this city, step by step I am finding a way to call 'here' home and not just 'here' anymore.

Thanks to my two newest friends, I am also discovering how powerful is to be grateful for the job I have; to surrender to the power of being one with what I do...

When I forget about that, I just have to do my every day routine and there, in Marques de Pombal, when I leave the metro and wait for my bus, I am remembered...

Thank you.

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Piero said...

Nice! I feel what you are saying... it is so great to love and be proud of oneself's job. I wish that many people in the world stopped looking work as a "sacrifice" and started tasting it as part of life. Hugs to Lisbon!