Friday, February 1, 2008

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I have been hearing about Kiva from different friends. Today, as part of my job, i was sent to their website to check out how it works and take some ideas...

Well, I took some ideas, but most importantly I got caught by the power of holding each other. I couldn't resist and I joined in, lending to two different entrepreneurs in countries where I had lived in the past.

See one of Kiva's real stories:

Basically, with Kiva you become a lender and you can lend money to people that really needs it. As simple as that. Here you have the flow of how it works:

It is very simple, just go to their website and check it out, it is very comprehensive!!

At this moment I have invited tons of my friends to join in, please do the same, there are people outside there that really need our help, 25$ is nothing for most of us, but it can make a huge difference from many of those entrepreneurs around the world...

Here you have the stories of the two women to who I decided to lend 25UDS each...

Ciria Perea

Ciria is 50 years old, single, and works selling clothing in outlying neighborhoods and to friends.

Ciria began her business with the help of her sister, who loaned her the merchandise to begin her own business.

At the beginning she only sold underwear and clothing. With her first loan from Mifex and Kiva she invested in stuffed animals, gifts, costume jewelry and cosmetics.

After attending a course offered by Mifex on craft-making, she started making party favors to sell for children's parties.

She uses some of her profit for travel expenses and goes to other cities to sell. Ciria is a hard worker, and she depends on her business to support her family and to save for the future. Working as an ambulatory saleswoman is not only difficult work but also dangerous in certain neighborhoods.

Safety is a great concern of Ciria's, and she is requesting a second loan to help her improve her home so she can use part of it for her business and conduct her sales from home.

Miriam Josefina Herrera Rodriguez

Mrs. Josefina has always been a hard worker, a few years ago an unfortunate and tragic accident occurred and she lost her husband in a transportation accident. This cause her much pain because her three lovely daughters were very small.

Since then they have given her enough strength for her to obtain various occupations and convert herself into both mother and father for her children, always looking out for their well-being, security and education.

Presently, this adorable mother lives in a family home where she works from very early in the morning producing ducts/gutters for roofs of homes.

This occupation of manual labor that she realizes with her skills and working hands enables her to provide an education for her lovely daughters.

Additionally, she sells candy, American clothes and vegetables, among others.

Her wish is to expand the production of ducts/gutters and it is for this reason that she is soliciting your help in order to acquire the necessary materials to realize this goal.

Josefina and her lovely daughters are appreciative of your hear and your kind collaboration.


Who is not moved after reading such stories? They are real stories, and we have in our hands the chance to do more than just be moved by them.

How many of us think that we have too many problems? This is a slap in the face and a door to do something about it.

Yes our problems are also real, and they are ours; I am not taking that away. It is also true that we have more opportunities to go through them and solve them, we have education, some income, an amazing network of talented friends... That brings with it a responsibility, a responsibility to care and do something about it.

In Kiva I found a way to make a difference while doing mostly nothing, just make a couple of euros available for who really need it. It seems like I am lying to myself and using this opportunity to compensate for all things that I could do and I am not doing...

Well this is better than nothing, and it really means a lot for Ciria and Miriam and many others like them in Kiva.

Take some minutes, login, take your credit card and lend. Simple. Needed. Useful. Good!

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