Friday, February 29, 2008

What a week!!!

Well, this has been quite a week!

Awesome things and achievements marked a week that it is memorable. I truly believe that attending IPM in Macedonia for few days and having the chance to see old beloved friends, feeling their energy and share expectations of our future definitely lighted the road for a week full of positive facts.

Also getting to live an amazing 'magic night' during IPM reignited my capacity to surprise myself.
I wanna thank my new soul sharer for that night!!!
Hope to keep in touch with you!
You gave me more that what you can imagine...
I hope you got enough from me as well.
We owe each other the wine dough, so it is not over.

Well, main decision were made at work. After two months of an intensive process, and applying everything I had learned last year in the AIESEC process with TCS and the other potential vendors, I managed to professionally run a process of negotiation to select the best vendor for our Global Venture in Responsible Tourism...
The work is getting shape so fast that i am in constant awe!
Soon I will be able to share more with all of you...

The second main happening of this is week is that tonight I am signing the contract for my new flat. I am moving with a good friend from work into a very cute and cozy flat.

The flat is located in Alcântara in Lisbon.

Alcântara (pron. IPA: [aɫ'kɐ̃tɐɾɐ]) is a civil parish (freguesia) of the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Its name is of Arabic origin, meaning "the bridge", and refers to the Roman bridge that once existed there in the kingdom of Dom João V.

Although today it is quite central, it was once a mere suburb of Lisbon, comprising mostly farms and palaces.

In the 16th century, there was a brook there which the nobles used to promenade in their boats. Through the late 19th century, Alcântara became a popular industrial area, with lots of small factories and warehouses.

Through the centuries, this area has lost all of its charm and old buildings, as well as its brook, and the womenfolk used to go there to do their laundry.

Around the early 1990s, Alcântara started to become a place for pubs and discotheques, mainly because its outer area is mostly commercial, and the noise generated at night, and the "movida", would not disturb its residents.

Today, some of this areas are slowly being taken over by loft developments and new apartments that can profit from its excellent river views and central locality.

As you can imagine, I am extremelly happy...
Everything is shaping as it is supposed to be!

Today I also received a message in facebook from an old friend from AIESEC Venezuela and he asks me:

'What is about that Dey that abandon everything to follow his dreams?

and what is about that Dey that is now living those dreams?'

Thanks Raul for remain me of my capacity to abandon everything and follow my dreams.
I constantly forget that.
I should remember more...

Happy week! Happy Dey!

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