Monday, February 11, 2008

Philosophy of Life!

I have just received by post mail a card my mom gave me when I visited her in Venezuela last summer. Unfortunately I forgot the card at home and she gave it to my sister, who send it to me from Canada. So it is pretty much a traveler card...

I just wanted to share with you the message of the card, I think it worth it a lot. It is part of how my mom has always helped me out to be me... And it is a lot about what she always tells me, through little stories that I have shared with a lot of you... That is why I always speak so much about my mother and use her in many of my speeches.

Thanks mom, I love you.

Philosophy of Life!

Think freely, practice patience.
Smile often.
Taste special moments.

Make new friends... discover the old ones.
Tell them that you love them and how much you love them.

Feel deeply. Discard all worries.
Forget all problems. Forgive your enemy.

Keep your promises.
Give yourself more than one chance.
try to reach that chance again.
Have good ideas.

Make some mistakes. Learn from them.
Observe miracles. Make them happen.

Be a little bit crazy.
Watch the sunset.
Listen to the rain.
look at the rainbow and the starts.

Observe beauty all around you.
Smile with your heart.
Give, trust, give yourself to others.

Help someone else to get still.
Wait, wish, grow, work hard, be.

Try to understand.
Cry whenever you feel you need to.
Have faith. Trust life. Enjoy its wonders.

Bring comfort to a friend. Trust yourself.

Be happy.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Heard the song before, but never really listened to the lyrics. Thank you for that! :) Codruta