Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Waiting For A Call That May Never Happen!!!

[This was my message at the side of my nick in MSN and facebook today for obvious reasons... Read my previous post]

I know you all know what this is, how it feels, how it tastes in your mouth.

I believe all of us have been waiting for that call.
At least once.

Sometime ago I said that the worst call is the one that was not made.
But I have promised I won't push.
I fulfill my promises.
Even if that means I will make the worst call, the one that I am burning to do, but I am not going to.

In the meanwhile, today at work I had a conference call with my developers in India, in the middle of the conference call my mobile rang... 
A phone number from Venezuela...
I didn't recognized the number, however I thought my parents were calling... I just rejected the call since I was busy. I thought they will call later.

The mobile phone rang again. 
Same number.
Something important I thought. They are not calling from home and they called right away again, they never do that. 
We have a special code for phone calls within my family.

I apologized to the Project Manager in India and picked up the phone.

- Alo?

Male voice answers: This may not be the phone call you have been waiting for... (etc, etc, that I don't remember, I was confused... But I definitely remember that part)

- Who is this? I am sorry, I am busy now... Have people from India in the other line...

- Don't worry, I will call you later...

- Who is it?

- Call you later...

Hang up...
Obviously, the "call you later" part never happened.

So many memories in my mind right now.
A twister of emotions.
Signs from life.

I am going to drink of the elixir of life today.
Nothing else will calm me down.  

I love life.
I don't care about the call anymore.
However I hope that arrives.
Anyway, I already know it won't!

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