Thursday, August 21, 2008

When You Are Not Interested!!!

The wait is over!

The call showed up in the MSN...
Yes, it made me happy, very happy!
But it came in a bad time...
A very bad time...
I was having "an attitude" as he called it.
I was very busy with work and a parallel chat.

There will be a second call?
I hope so.
It is supposed to arrive for a Sunday Meeting.

What is also true is that I didn't like his attitude of giving me a "second place" neither.

I don't know.
Maybe I just wanted the call to happen?
I don't know.

In the meanwhile and keeping on the search, there are a lot of buggers around.
A friend sent me this video, so I can send it to them.
The problem is that "they" do not even speak english.

Anyway I know you will laugh out loud.
I know you have or had a person you wish you had this video to send it along in a mail with the subject F69CK OFF...

Video url.

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