Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Is Life???!!!

What it is life all about?

It is true that is about beauty?
What it is beauty then?
What does mean to be beautiful?

It is pain beautiful?
It is deception beautiful?
Are our tears beautiful?

Why do we complain?
What do we complain about?
What is it mean to complain?

New questions...

The old ones:
     Who Am I?
     Where Am I in Life Right Now?

Those, those are obsolete for me at this moment.

I know life exists in circles, in cycles.
I know they will come back.

For the moment, there are new questions arising.
For the moment, I contemplate.
For the moment I want to discover beauty in everything that happens to me.
For the moment I want a partner in this discovery process.

Just for the moment...

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