Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Are you a leader??!!

Pedro Manuel Santos truly is!!!

You may kown him as Pita.
He was PAI some years back...

He has been nominated as one of the top young leader in Portugal and has been pre-selected!!

The aim of Leader Quest 2008 is to identify, acknowledge and reward the new generation of leading managers in Portugal credibly and impartially.

The next step in the process of choosing the top three is an online voting at

Let's support Pita get in the top three young leaders in Portugal by voting for him in the list.

He appears as:

Pedro Manuel Santos
Regional Program Manager, DHL Asia Pacific
30 anos

One key point:
You need to vote for three people for your vote to count!

There is another AISEC Alumnus in the list, so you can vote for him as well...

Hugo Araújo
Coordenador - Nucleo Estrategia e Analise de Negocios, SIBS
28 anos

You can choose the second and third vote at your discretion! this is just a suggestion...
Let's get Pita there...


PS: Please let me know when you have voted!

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Anonymous said...

hey Dey, hope you are keeping well. Just to let you know. i have helped in the voting, and i hope Pedro gets the top position.
Good day

HS said...

Hey Dey, as both former AI member and Pita's MCP, I'm in. :-) I also helped with promotion getting your blog across my AIESEC alumni network! I guess we can vote as much as we feel, so let's do it! Hope all is well (I check your blog times to times!). Cheers, Lele.

Henrique Vedana said...

Hey Dey,
I voted for PITA of course, but saying that managed 20,000 people is a bit exaggerated... ;-)

Good luck!!

DEY said...

Thanks all!!!

Pita really deserves to be there in the top three...

Henrique, it may sound that managing 20.000 people is exagerated. But after being in the role of PAI, I can understand why it can be said; basically there is no single decision that passes through the PAI in which those 20k people cannot be considered, in the short, medium and long run...

It is one of the uniqueness of the PAI position.

Even directors in some discussion apporach that perspective, but there si always the tendency to think more on the people of the GNs they are responsible for.

In sum of all, the PAI is the only one in the whole network that has the vision and consideration on all those 20k members all times...

I know this is not a crystal clear way of explaining that, however hope that at least express my thoughts concerning your comment ;)



PS: Please guys let's keep helping Pita stay in the top three :)

Martince said...

Hallo Dey

I really don't know the person, but i did vote for him and I sincerely wish him to win the 1st position.


Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone and thanks for the votes!

Henrique, they called me and did a questionnaire in order to publish the profile. I told them I managed 18 people directly and 20.000 indirectly for the same reasons Dey pointed out. However they just went ahead and published 20.000...anyways if I make it to the next round will be able to clarify this point! :)

hope you're enjoying Shanghai ;)

Dey, thanks once again for igniting the network!