Friday, May 9, 2008

Have you seen the love of your life...??

Go out there!
Do not look for it...
Just be open to see...
It will arrive to knock on your door...
Open and surrender, nothing else matters!

Give yourself the chance to feel happy, even for a while.
No one else will do that for you, and you know that!
Do not think, get to the present moment and let it flow.
Free yourself and connect with the universe through the power of giving yourself away to the flow of life.

Think twice and lose.

If does not work, the memory will remain and you will be a happier person knowing that you have lived it, that you will not stood up wondering 'what if?'.

Get some inspiration from a song of Fito Paez sang by the great Caetano...

Te vi
Te vi
I saw you

juntabas margaritas del mantel
Juntavas margaridas no jardim
You put together daisies of a tablecloth

ya sé que te traté bastante mal
Já sei que tratei bastante mal
I know I treated you very badly

no sé si eras un ángel o un rubí
Não sei se eras um anjo ou um rubi
I do not know if you were an angel or a ruby

o simplemente te vi
Ou simplesmente te vi
or I just saw you

te vi
Te vi
I saw you

saliste entre la gente a saludar
Saíste entre as pessoas a saudar
You came from amongst people to greet

los astros se rieron otra vez
Os astros já sorriram outra vez
the stars laughed again

la llave de Mandala se quebró
A chave de Mandala se quebrou
Mandala key snapped

o simplemente te vi
Ou simplesmente te vi
or I just saw you

todo lo que diga está de más
Tudo que me dizes é demais
everything else you said is not needed

las luces siempre encienden en el alma
As luzes se acendem em minh'alma
lights always turn on in the soul

y cuando me pierdo en la ciudad
E quando me perco na cidade
and when I get lost in the city

vos ya sabes comprender
Você já sabe compreender
you already know how to understand

es solo un rato no más
Que é só um tempo e não mais
is it just for a while

tendría que llorar o salir a matar
Teria que chorar ou sair a matar
I would have to go out and kill or mourn

te vi, te vi, te vi
Te vi, te vi, te vi
I saw you, I saw you, I saw you

yo no buscaba a nadie y te vi...
E eu não queria nada e te vi ...
I was looking for nobody and I saw you…

te vi
Te vi
I saw you

fumabas unos chinos en Madrid
Fumavas uns cigarros em Madri
You were smoking some ciggars in Madrid

hay cosas que te ayudan a vivir
São coisas que te ajudam a viver
there are things that help you live

no hacías otra cosa que escribir
Não tinhas outra coisa que escrever
You did nothing other than write

y yo simplemente te vi
E eu simplesmente te vi
and I just saw you

me fui
E fui
I went

me voy de vez en cuando a algún lugar
Eu vou de vez em quando a algum lugar
I go occasionally somewhere

ya sé, no te hace gracia este país
Já sei que não te alegra este país
I know, you do not like much this country

tenías un vestido y un amor
Só tinhas um vestido e um amor
You just had a dress and a love

y yo simplemente te vi
E eu simplesmente te vi

and I just saw you

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