Monday, March 3, 2008

If I Had Six Weeks...

Searching online I found the column of a friend of mine.

Satu was also member of AIESEC International years back and when I was Director of Africa in the team when Brodie was the President, Satu and her husband Peter came to Rotterdam for two days training that was awesome!

Here is the posting I love from Satu's column:

I was recently told of a scene from the movie Fight Club. I'd seen the movie ages ago, but had forgotten this particular bit. Brad Pitt's character walks into a restaurant and holds a gun to the dishwasher's head. The dishwasher begs for his life.

The dishwasher says:
‘I'll do anything, just don't kill me'.
Pitt's character asks him: ‘Is this what you want to do with your life? Is this what you dreamt of as a kid?'
The dishwasher says:
‘No, I wanted to be a vet when I was a kid.'
Pitt's character says:
‘You have six weeks to do whatever it takes to start becoming a vet and start living the life you want. If in six weeks you haven't done this, then I'll kill you.'
A pretty dramatic scene, but most people I was with when I heard this story agreed that it wouldn't hurt to be given such an ultimatum once in a while. We often lead our lives as if they were eternal, as if we had all the time in the world to start living our dreams. We take on jobs that don't inspire us or fulfill our potential. We stay in relationships that we know are wrong for us but we keep at because we're afraid we'll end up alone. We dream about things that we'll do ‘when...'

Well, unfortunately for us, life isn't infinte. Our lives are very finite, and what's more, we can never be sure when our end is around the corner. And yet we spend time like there was loads of it. Do you ever wonder looking back what you actually did with all the time you've had? So with that in mind - what is it that you are putting off ‘for when you are more sorted/better off/in a better space/etc'.

If you were given six weeks time to stop putting things off and start living the life you want to lead - what would change? What would you start doing? Would you start researching those careers you've dreamt about or actually finally go talk to those people who's number you got ages ago. Would you start figuring out how you could make things happen that seem impossible but somehow other people around you have made possible for themselves? Would you relook at your relationships and decide what you are going to put up with, and what you are not going to put up with?

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