Friday, March 7, 2008

Revisiting my plan, and my life by default

Today I have revisited my plan as Project Manager for the responsible tourism venture I am working in. It was an interesting process, seeing and measuring my achievements so far I become aware of the added value that I have brought to the start up and I cannot stop thinking of all the things that AIESEC offered me and taught me during the years of dedication and enjoyment, it definitely worth it to be an AIESECer...

Today I have also submitted an application for a competition of new start ups in Portugal. In the process of doing so I needed to translate and update my CV and Bio from English to Portuguese. Going through my CV and Bio it was like revisiting my Project Manager plan. After all I am the project manager of my life.

Using a similar approach, I evaluated my achievements in life, my current state of soul and mind and my dreams for the future...

What will that CV and that Bio will look like by November this year when I an
supposed to finish the whole process of making this start up

What will be my new personal additions to those files?
How will they look like visually?

How those changes in those two
papers will reflect the changes that have been happening within me in the last
months since I left AIESEC? Are those changes happening now or they have
happened in the last years - slowly - but I was too much inside the blue box of
AIESEC to notice them?

One thing is for certain. I feel successful, and that is priceless.
I hope the years to come will host as much warmth and surprises as the ones that have passed.
I definitely commit myself to see each year as a new beginning to a more exciting and enriching life, but most importantly, I commit myself to a very enjoyable present,

From the corner of my reflections and living today fully,

Achiever Dey.

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