Monday, March 31, 2008

Not asexual!

I am not used to post raw material like this, but I think it is time…

It is funny; many people that I have had the pleasure to meet and with whom I have been very open about my sexual orientation seem to accept it very easily.
It seems the world has been changing...

It seems it is cool to have a gay friend, even like fashion.

"Oh! Yes,
I do have a gay friend, and he is so cool!..."
So the person becomes part of the next generation, the one that is progressive and open-minded, the one that believes the world is moving ahead into a more open space to live, together, no matter the differences.
Actually embracing those differences because that is what make us rich.

However there is this part that still intrigues me. When we open the conversation to the level when my sexual orientation actually has a sexual part on it, the mood seems to change and everything goes blocked, like into darkness.

Like if we – gay boys – are just the sensitive ones, with taste for wine food and cloths. The ones who can listen the boy and help him out to get the girl he wants or to understand the weird reactions of the specie called ‘women’; or the ones that can listen to the girl and understand her frustration in her relationships with the insensitive kind called ‘men’.

We are definitely more than the nice attach to the CV of friends in the struggle to be citizens of a new world.

We love, we kiss, we work hard, we fall in love with the wrong guys (the straight ones - always happens - and the gay ones that does not worth the effort), we have sex, loads of it, and even so, we are not all promiscuous…

But yes, we do have a sexual life and we are proud of it, it make part of who we are, part of our ‘sexual’ orientation, as it has been labeled the box in which we have been put.

If you have a gay friend, allow him to express himself to the point of listening to details of what his life is, and then if you can follow through the whole conversation without feeling disgusted, my friend you can start to consider that you may have some possibility of being open-minded!

Thousands of other challenges will follow, but please do take this one, people like me need that from you.


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Sve said...

Hi Dey:)
I was very happy to find you continue blogging.
Regarding this post...I have a very close gay friend,and I went through all this process of "letting him express himself". It is true that this might help you reach open-mindedness.Yet it is very difficult and maybe that is why a lot of people just do not want to get into it. Anyways, I am not sure it was good for me to do it as well. But it happened, and I learned a lot.
Greets from India

DEY said...

Thanks Sve :)
You always there :)

Why do you sathat you are not sure if it was good for you? I am very serios and curious about this... I would love to know...

Big kiss...

Sve said...

Maybe I should drop you a mail :)

Megan said...

i truly believe, no matter what type of love it is, whenever you love your partner with your heart, it is the most beautiful thing in this world. =) supports! =)


DEY said...

Love is love... the rest is temporary :)