Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tokyo, Japan - 68 Countries!!!

10 years ago I wouldn't dare to dream that I will visit 68 countries in my life.
I do remember stating several times to many of my friends in Venezuela:

"By the age of 30 I will have visited 30 countries already..."
They use to laugh at me and my dreams.

Now, here I am; next Friday I will be leaving to Tokyo.
Japan will be the country number 68 that I visit.

The only thing that comes to my mind is that stuff that I said in Egypt and that was published on the newspapers:
“The dust of the days starts to cover your dreams but they are still there. Dreams never get lost.”

Dreams never get lost...


My excitements is growing by the moment. I have had some chats with Shirley and things seems to be alright for the conference.
I know we will all have a blast of a time there.

In the meanwhile I am closing my deals here in Lisbon. I am putting together my report on the 4 months I have working for the Responsible Tourism venture and I must admit I am impressed by the quatity and quality of the work done.

I must confess as well that the environment in my office do support a lot the creativity and enthusiasm.
Maybe the fact that I am surrounded by AIESEC alumni influences that a lot, don't you think?

I just cannot wait longer to get to Japan and start sharing my energy, my enthsiasm and my wild spirit with the AIESECers from AP. Believe it or not , this is the first time I will truly embrace the AP culture after so many years in AIESEC.

The truth is that from outside AIESEC, things look simpler, easier, but then you realize that you must shut up. That is the path of learning that we all must go through when we are still 'part' of the organization. I must be carefull not to cross the line.

Getting back to business; these next two weeks away from job will help me breathe as well and get some new ideas, refreshed ones. I have been very much inside the box for the last four months. This trip is coming in the right time.

When I get back the hard part of the job will start! Putting together a global venture is a very challenging task to do. Even more when you have high expectations of yourself and when your shareholders have even bigger expectations.
But that will come as its time.

For the moment I just want to enjoy the number...

Numbers matter! That is what I know for certain when I revisit everything that is behind that number: the people I met, the experiences I had, jail, malaria, laugh, tears, visas, love, food, dances, beer, sex, challenges, achievements, dissapointment... but most of all, a growing sense of what I am capable of.

If the 68 makes me capable, what will do for me the 70?
I am planning to get there before I get 34...
Always trying to reach more that the double :)


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1 comment:

ali said...

So how's the conference Dey?

...and yeah, i hope by the time you reached 70, you will also have experienced Indonesia :))
but wait until I'm back there..jaja

take care man...

with smile,