Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Get In Touch With Old Friends!!!

Thanks to a very good friend (CAT) I got to see this video for the first time...

It is the story of Christian, a lion...

This is the video url for my turkish friends and any other unable to see it in my blog.

From the YouTube info on the video:

Although Christian hadn't been seen for months, he appeared at the Kora Reserve the night before Ace & John arrived in Africa.

"Christian arrived last night, " George said simply.

"He's here with his lionesses and his cubs. He's outside the camp on his favourite rock. He's waiting for you."

Both George & Joy Adamson believed that lions were possessed of a sixth sense and George was convinced that a scientific explanation would one day be found.

Christian left the Kora Reserve in 1973.

He made his new territory along the Tana river, but when the Wakamba herdsmen kept bringing their livestock to his hunting ground, he moved on.

George Adamson said in his autobiography, "I used to count the days on which we hadn't seen Christian, but when they reached 97, I gave up recording them in my diary."

Because a lion can live from 12 to 15 years in the wild, Adamson believed that Christian ended his days in the Meru National Reserve only a few miles up river.

I will follow the video's advice.
I am contacting very beloved friends I have not contacted in a while.
I am doing so NOW!

Don't you suddenly feel that urge?
Act now, later you will forget.
Because you will forget, you may not regret you did not.
But you will definitely lose a good chance to feel the power of millions of starts crossing your body when you get an answer to your message from that beloved long time not seen friends.
Life does not give too many chances to stop and think about it, write a couple of lines and send them.

Let love flow.

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Vida said...

This is really amazing! I have a dog for almost eight years now, and can imagine what was the level of emotions that those two men experienced in the moment when they reconnected with their lovely lion... The whole story behind is just making you think, act and experience the same as they did..

I really like your blog Dey..

Pozdrav od Skopje:)

DEY said...

Thanks baby... I was also touched by the story, BIG TIME!!!

Invite other friends to visit my blog :) Does not matter if they are, were or not AIESECers :)

And I visited your blog, it is actually very cool! You should write more often :)

Dan said...

Very like the reaction of my dog Sadie when I returned from Venezuela after more than a year :-)

The Daily Mail story is great:

A very moving story, thanks!