Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Traveling The World??!!

I have!

I did dream about it since I was a very little kid.
My mother used to give us books as presents more than toys or cloths.
In this way my sister and I learned that the world was bigger than our little town Rubio.

During our childhood our parents took us to Portugal and then to Spain.
Later on we continue the trek by ourselves...
Sometimes together, sometimes alone, sometimes with other people.
But always on the way...

Today I live in Lisbon and my sister in Toronto.
My parents still in Venezuela, they moved to a even smaller town dough...

My dream came true.
I traveled the world.
I have been in 68 countries!!!
(71 one now that three of them have split and I was in cities of what now are two countries! However I keep on saying 68)
And I continue traveling.
The truth is that new countries are harder to reach now.
I even work in a venture that will allow people to go there, to those small local communities and get a taste of what life in a small town can be.

Few days ago, randomly as always, I got to watch a video that made the most deep cells of my body tremble.

This is the story of Matt.
This is the story of Where The Hell Is Matt??

The video inspired me to continue.
The music is just unique.
His story, amazing!

Take a look at the video and visit his website, it deserves to be visited and to be read.

14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of

Thanks to everyone who danced with me.

I commit to myself to keep on the road until I die.
I do not make videos (pity now that I saw this beauty)
I collect memories, stories and recipes.
And I am happy and grateful to life!
I know Matt is as well.
This post is for all those travelers that, like me, see this video and cry.
Of happiness.
Because we know...

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