Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's Your Identity??!!

Many times in life we face this question.

Questions such as:

Who am I?
Where do I stand in life today?
Where in life am I today?
Where am I heading?

seem to form part of that discovery that makes us grow, that makes us find more about ourselves at each step, every day...

It is funny that after Ernie's and Jarda's visits I got a bit confused concerning these questions.

With these two friends, among other close people in my life, we use to create our space for powerful and deep conversations that allow us to answer those questions and perceive how much have we changed as individuals and how much it is still there - unmoved, helping us out to discover the true colors of our essence.

I got a bit confused when I was not able to answer these questions in the "profound" way!

Jarda asked me: "Who are YOU?"
and then I said: "I am Dey... That's it, just that, Dey..."

There was no space for further elaboration in the answer.
That answer just made me happy.
I felt the answer was complete.

Then he asked me: "Where are you?" (in life...)
and my answer was: "I am in Lisbon"

Again, no need to say that I am in a trasformation process, or in a transition process, or finding out who I am, or anything!
Just that, I am in Lisbon...
Happily in Lisbon must I add.

I don't know how long this is going to last.
I don't know what is next.
I don't care!

This is such a liberating feeling.

I do not take work home.
I do not over work.
I do my work excellently and I love it!
I love what I do!
I got a dog and that has transformed my life style.
I workout four days a week.
I am healthier.
I party hard every friday.
I have a great place with great flatmates.
I am ready for a partner.

There is so much more I could add.
However that is not the purpose of this post.

I guess that there is a moment in life when your idenity is so fundamentaly part of who you are that you do not need to questions it for a while - I will not feel comfortable saying 'anymore'.

I am living the present.
I am Dey and live in Lisbon.
That is my identity today.
And I smile when I say so!


In the meanwhile, going through the blogs of some friends I found Vida's blog a cool stuff I just did and that motivated this post.
Thanks Vida!

It is one of those funny tests you make to read more about who you are, like if you do not know...

The results was prety cool actually!
I like the fact that it was done just through pictures.
And I love the aestethics used to create the whole stuff...

Try it out at YOUNIVERSE. Or go directly to the test through this link.

So, this is who I am according to the test results...

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