Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life Is Too Short

We hear this all the time...
It has become a common sense...
A cheesy line...

But I do need to be reminded.
Here is a piece of Stuart Knight Newletter of today.
It was perfect!

Right time.
Right message...

Life is too short to not make that phone call,
drive that car,
jumpoff that diving board,
quit that job,
kiss that stranger,
take that extra drink,
take that course,
take yourself out on a date,
take that chance,
take that vacation,
take that compliment,
take that pain,
take that advice and to take life by the balls!

Don't wait for the weekend,

don't wait for the right pay cheque,
don't wait for the stars to be aligned,
don't wait for your body to look a certain way,
don't wait for the right weather,
the right year or
the right person to come along.

I am taking life by the balls today!

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