Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Have You Really Enjoyed A Book Of Paulo Coelho???!!!

He is celebrating the 100 Million copies sold!

He is inviting us to take part on his virtual exhibition.

Dear readers,

I wish to make a virtual exhibition for the 100 Million Copies sold.
And invite you to participate.

Based on an idea that I saw in an exhibition in Aviles - dedicated to the 20th anniversary of my book The Alchemist - I would like to extend it to the virtual space and invite you to take part.

The idea of this physical exhibition that I saw in Aviles (and that will be reproduced in Milan this week) is the following: a reader would pose for a picture holding his/her favorite book of mine.

Please then take a picture of yourself holding your favorite book of mine and send to us.

You should include in your email your name and country and send it to the following email address: (don’t worry about the quality).

My team will be up-loading the pictures in this page throughout the year.



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1 comment:

Yunus said...

I did! :)
I read his most famous book ;)
I think I should read it again though, I was much younger then...