Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are you bored to death of Power Point presentations?

Then you may take a look at this one and learn a few things...

Even if there nothing new in the advise, it has been created in a really fresh and cool way.

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Ernesto said...

I guess you have seen and even used Pecha Kucha


It is a interesting technique about how to make shorter and more creative presentations that really engage the audience. The technique comes from Japan and it was created not long ago.

We use it quite a lot in Atos, but we use the 10x10 format instead of the 20x20.

I thought this note would complement your post quite well.

I really enojy reading your blog, keep posting!


DEY said...

Hi Ernie,
That is very cool. No I have not heard of it before , but I just found out in their website that there is a group here in Lisbon. I already wrote them and will try to get a place for the next event to present my venture there :)

Most probably I will also make a post later on on that and will give you the credit of rbinging this to me. thanks again my broh!

Hope to see you soon here, we need to go and walk my dog as we never really did with "Famosa Thorogood"