Monday, April 28, 2008

How to seize your Sundays

Are you looking for a way to seize your Sundays?
Tired of realizing that weekend is over, and that after the party on Saturday your Sunday went off and suddenly you are back on track to work again?

For quite a while I have been in the same search, and last Sunday was so amazing that made it out for a lot of Sundays together. The secret? I am not sure, so I will let you find out…

Saturday midnight: After waiting for my dog to arrive for over 7 hours, finally at 12 O’clock Jocca arrived [yes, Jocca, not Yoka, which does not make any difference for Spanish speaking people from Latin-America anyway since we will pronounce both in the identical same way]

Sunday 6 am: After a long night showering my dog and get him used to the flat, plus taking care of his crying [I guess was missing previous home – a farm] I woke up and took my dog for a walk.

Sunday some minutes after 6 am: My dog did his first poo on the streets! Big success since I do not want him doing it all over the flat, so it was a big event!

Sunday 9 am: having breakfast with my cousin that came for the weekend after 4 years not seeing each other. Cool Venezuelan breakfast [Arepas have become famous within my network of international friends, I even remember Petroula making arepas in Rotterdam]

Sunday mid morning to mid afternoon: Walking my dog by river Tagus. Lads of people walking their dogs, exercising, just taking a walk, reading… Life in motion.

Sunday mid afternoon: Sitting for a beer in from of the river and enjoy the sun. Being joined by Mr Right, or Mr 9… It is also a big plus for the perfect landscape. Getting a Mango Ice Cream from Mr Right it makes it unforgettable.

Sunday afternoon: Cooking at home, having some food and saying bye to my cousin after a great weekend of sharing and family gossiping together.

Sunday evening: Brazilian Churrascaria and Spanish movie at cinema with Mr Right [long time not seeing a horror movie that actually had classic scary scenes that work, go and see REC, it is an interesting and different thing to see]

Sunday late evening: Getting back home, chit chat a bit with room-mate and his girlfriend and taking care of my new baby boy Jocca. Some reading of ‘The Story of B’ and finally, a nice sleep.

As you can see it was nothing extraordinary, it may be the extraordinary character of the ordinary world, but I felt last Sunday was a real Sunday, I have a role model for how I want to feel at the end of a Sunday and will live it up to that standard.

You need to have something you really want [like I wanted my puppy], someone you love and that you have a lot to share and update each other [like I had Carla my cousin] and you may need to think of a new approach on how you build a possibility and build it with someone special [as Mr Right and I are working it out step by step].

At the end of a happy and productive Monday I may say: get a pet, invite some family member that you haven’t seen for a while over to your place and start to build a beautiful relationship… It does not matter you already have one, old houses always need a new hand of painting.

For the record, I wonder how your perfect Sundays look like, as usual I need some inspiration... So leave me a comment with suggestions for the Sundays to come...

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M said...

I had the best dates ever on a Sunday :) You can definitely make a romantic ritual out of them ;) I Rotterdam and Dublin... many nice Sundays :)

DEY said...

I am very much looking forward to the next sunday :)