Friday, April 11, 2008

A beautiful week!

Well, this week has been amazing!

At work I finally got the two contracts of the It vendor signed!
Software Development Agreement and Maintenance and Support Agreement DONE!
I have also achieved my three weekly priorities at work, which makes me happy so that next monday I will send the report to my Board: 1. Done! 2. Done! 3. Done!

And my personal priorities also achieved!
I am going today to meet the rest of the AIESEC trainees for the International Reception Weekend organized by LC ISCTE that will take us to Setubal and Arrabida. The support of the Organizing Committe before the IRW has been amazing. Reception in Portugal ROCKS!!!

Enjoy this very cool video of Setubal!

You can find more info about Setubal here.
You can find more info about Arrabida here and here. Some pics of Arrabida here.

Last weekend was also awesome with Juan and Araz visiting...

We had the chance to go and see Jesus Cristo Super Star.
It was amazing! I had a long time not going to theater...

Snap videos of the play:

We also went around in the city and went to the Oceanario of Lisbon.

Thanks Arazita and Juancho for the great time together...

My life everyday is definitely looking more and more as I always wished it to be.
I guess I am just living the kind of Life I want and that makes me smile deep inside, in my soul.

I am grateful!

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