Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stuart Knight

After I posted his video, I received the tip from Sarita and I decided to visit his website. I must admit I have been very positively impressed. Even if sometimes he uses language that i consider innecessary...

The best thing was to read his funny and quite funky statement at the bottom of the page:

Welcome to the land of Stuart Knight. If this website causes you to quit your job, leave a lover, speak up, laugh louder, cut the shit, hug tighter, move to a new country, dress differently, smile at a stranger, have better sex, read a book, join a club, run naked or make a funny face at a child, then I assume ALL responsibility.

At the end, I overall liked his apporach and then I decided to subscribe to his newsletter...

To my amusement, I received the following 'unique' confirmation mail that I have registered:

Hey there Dey!!

Thank you for subscribing to Stuart Knight's weeklynewsletter.

Each week, Stuart sends out a story about his life. It could besomething that happened to him that week or it could have happened20 years ago. Some are funny and some are thought provoking, butall of his stories have a message. As Stuart says "It's like a funkick in the face!"

Everyone deserves true love, an amazing job, great friendships,loving relationships with their family, lots of cash and lots ofadventure. Not to mention, everyone deserves the opportunity tosit with a beer, have some chicken wings and contemplate life. Ina weird way, that's kind of what you get with Stuart's weeklynewsletter, only without the runs!

Please take a couple of minutes out of your schedule each week tocontemplate the writings, and while you're at it, please take amoment to share it with someone else out there in the world whomight just benefit from the words they read that week.

Either way, please remember that the person you think you are canonly do so much, but the person you are can do anything.

Love, Stuart Knight

I am very much looking forward to what this new discovery will bring into my life...

Check it out at his site.

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