Tuesday, April 15, 2008

IRW April 08 - good, in general...

This last week I went to the IRW (International Reception Weekend) organized by ISCTE, one of the Local Committees of AIESEC in Lisbon.

The experience was just unique. Meeting again some trainees I have met in the IRW last year in Alcobaca; meeting new ones that have arrived since then.

Making new friends.

Having amazing chats and long conversations.

It definitely was refreshing for my spirit!
It was a open door to more and more days of joy and peace...

We started in Lisbon, and stayed at a military base!

The dining room was just awesome from 1800's...

We slept in the rooms of the sergeants, a complete soldiers' experience!

From Lisbon we left to Setubal, were we stayed in a youth center...

The center is located in the center of the town, very pacific. I even had the chance to continue the reading of the "Seven Keys" the novel that currently takes my spare moments in my every day trip by bus to work and back home.

The Organizing Committee (OC) prepared a treasure hunt for us, so that we get to know the city while searching for hints and learning about the historical places while interacting with the local people.

Of course my team won the race!!!

In the afternoon we visited the museum of work, and I was soooooo tired I must admit I was falling sleep, but the experience was cool as well.

On Sunday we went to a small town in the surroundings, Aceitao.

There we visited the oldest wine cellar of Portugal that stills operates. We got a great tour through the main parts of the old farm and we closed the tour with a taste of wine, good!

Some pics of the cellar... (for more pics, please check my facebook profile)

Of course fun was a critical element of the whole weekend. The phrase of the IRW came up when a trainee told another one: "You know what? You know nothing... (silence) ...in general!"

From that moment on, the trainee is better known as the 'General' and to everything that happened we added "in general".
So, I have had a great weekend,
in general!

At the end of it all, when crossing the 1932 door of my house, I realized that the most amazing moment was a powerful conversation that lasted for hours.

I have had the chance to keep alive that impetuous need of connecting in indescribable manners with special people around me.

It is not a conscious decision, it just happens, like the 'magic nights'. I just need to be open to it and life will cross my path with remarkable individuals.

Once again, I am happy.
Once again, I feel grateful.
Once again, my life makes sense.
Once again, I am sure I AM ALIVE!

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